I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! オバマ大統領来日 Mr. Obama Is in Town, But Coin Lockers Take a Hike


Welcome to Tokyo, Mr. President!
US President Obama is in town.


Mr. Obama is scheduled to have unofficial dinner with Prime Minister Abe at a tiny, three-starred Michelin sushi bar in Ginza tonight. According to the U.S. State Department, his missions for this trip are to strengthen the 54-year Japan-U.S. alliance, deepen our economic ties including through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and expand our cooperation on a range of diplomatic challenges in Asia and other areas.

オバマ氏は今夜安倍首相との非公式夕食会が予定されています。銀座にある小さなミシュラン3星寿司店です。米国国務省によると今回の来日目的は54年に渡る日米同盟の強化とTPP 等による経済関係の促進、アジアや他地域における外交問題等に関する協力拡大を計ることだとしています。

However, Tokyoites and visitors to Tokyo have been abuzz of late about the inconvenience of not being able to use station coin lockers for a period of several days before Mr. Obama’s visit, which has been covered by the news media. It is a hassle for people going to go to concerts or events during his visit not to be able to use coin lockers located in major JR and metro stations in Tokyo. Some even say, on the Internet, “Is Mr. Obama coming by train?”


In fact, it is reported that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has requested that station coin lockers not be used during President Obama’s visit in order to avoid the dangers posed by terrorism, saying there is a danger that terrorists could not only target the president but also cause trouble in Tokyo. In an attempt to prevent terrorists from placing dangerous articles in coin lockers, all the lockers in major stations are prohibited for use, since once a locker is locked, no one will know what is in it. This action is intended to protect station users rather than the president himself.

実際には、警視庁からオバマ大統領の来日に際しテロの危険を避けるため使用中止にするよう要請があったとしています。テロリストは直接オバマ大統領を狙うということだけではなく、東京都内で騒ぎを起こす危険性もあります。コインロッカーは鍵を閉めてしまえば中に何が入っているかはわからなくなってしまうため、テロ目的の危険物を入れさせないために使 用中止になるのだそうで、駅を利用する人たちをテロから守るためだということです。

Coin locker  (Source: J-Cast News)

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