I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! スズランの日 Le Jour du Muguet



May 1st is Le Jour du Muguet or  The Lily of the Valley Day, a national public holiday in France.  May 1 is also the traditional European spring holiday of May Day, a public holiday in many European countries.

It is not well known in Japan, but one of our students, who once home stayed in France, baked cookies with elaborate icing of the lily of the valley for us! They look so “kawaii” (cute in Japanese) and yummy!!



muguet-lily_of_the_valley (Source: here)

 The following text is quoted from here. It sheds some interesting light on the connection Japan has to this holiday in France:

下記の文章はココ hereからの引用です。フランスの「スズランの日」が日本と関係しているというチョット興味深いお話。

May Day in France – Lily of the Valley, Romance and Workers Rights

フランスのメーデー – 「スズランの日」 ロマンスと労働者の権利

The First of May is a Public Holiday in France, officially known as La Fête du Travail (National Labour Day) but also called La Fête du Muguet (Lily of the Valley Day).


It is a tradition on this day to offer a sprig of lily-of-the-valley (“muguet” in French) to loved ones, and in the week leading up to May Day you can buy bunches of this fragrant spring flower in every florist and most supermarkets, either as cut flowers or as plants in pots.


Ever since its introduction from Japan to Europe in the Middle Ages, lily-of-the-valley had been regarded as a lucky charm by the Celtic folks.



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