I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! お帰りなさい若田さん Welcome Back, Astronaut Wakata!


Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata who served as commander of the International Space Station, a first for any astronaut from Asia, returned to Earth, all in one piece, on Wednesday, May 14th, after completing a six-month mission in space.


At his alma mater, Ohmiya Bessho Elementary School in Saitama City, all 750 students got together in the school gymnastics hall to watch the live Internet feed. When the Russian re-entry craft called Soyuz, carrying three astronauts including Mr. Wakata,  landed on the plains of Kzakhstan in Central Asia, the children shouted in concert “Welcome back!” and clapped their hands in celebration of his return.

若田さんの母校、さいたま市の大宮別所小学校では、全校児童750人が体育館に集まり、インターネットのライブ中継で帰還を見守りました。若田さんを含む3人の宇宙飛行士を乗せたロシアの宇宙船ソユーズが、中央アジア・カザフスタンの平原に着陸すると、一斉に「お帰りなさい」と声を上げ、拍手をして帰還を 祝いました。

A third-grader boy said, ” I am so happy  to see him return safely. I also want to do my best like Wakata-san does.” A sixth-grader girl said, “I can be proud of myself because I’m a student at the same school as Mr. Wakata was. He is such a great astronaut that I wish him continued success.”


In Yokohama, a public viewing was held to witness Mr. Wakata’s return live on a 200-inch public screen. Children enthusiastically celebrated this great astronaut’s safe return.



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