I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! 仮面ライダー参上 Kazuki Alex Kato: Coming to the Rescue Again!


On Friday, I had the privilege of meeting actor Kazuki Alex Kato again. In January 2012, I interviewed Alex about his acting career, with special emphasis on his parts in special effects films and TV programs. Just to bring you up to speed, Alex has starred in Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit (2008), Kamen Rider: The Next (2007), and Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006-07), among many other titles.

この金曜日、再び俳優の加藤和樹氏と会う機会に恵まれた。2012年 1月に、SFX映画と特撮テレビ番組を中心に、俳優人生についてインタビューして以来のことだ。加藤氏の経歴についてだが、「ギララの逆襲/洞爺湖サミット 危機一発』(2008年)、「仮面ライダー THE NEXT」(2007年)、「仮面ライダーカブト」(2006-07年)をはじめとする映画、テレビ、舞台に数多く出演している。

Although he is a busy actor currently appearing in a popular musical at Imperial Theatre in Tokyo, he still made time for English lessons. In fact, he immediately came to class following a show. That takes a lot of dedication!


The name of the play is Lady Bess, a world premiere musical based on Queen Elizabeth.  Alex plays one of the leads, a young, handsome minstrel who attracts the attention of royalty. However, the eponymous lady must choose between love and royalty. Which will she choose? Buy a ticket and find out! The musical runs in Imperial Theatre in Hibiya, Tokyo through Saturday, May 24, after which it will open in Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya at separate times starting in July. If you’re in the area, be on the lookout for this play.

出演中の作品は「レディ・ベス」というエリザベス女王を題材にした世界初演ミュージカル。加藤氏は主要人物の1人でレディ・ベスの 心を捉える若くハンサムな吟遊詩人を演じている。しかし、ベスは愛か王位かを選択しなければならない。どちらを選ぶのか?劇場に行って観てみよう!この ミュージカルは東京日比谷の帝国劇場で5月24日(土)まで上演され、その後、7月より大阪、福岡、名古屋で上演される。お近くの方はぜひ上演日時を チェックされたい!

Alex is a true gentleman and a gifted talent. He is also a singer-songwriter . I look forward to seeing him in future roles. He enjoyed playing Kamen Rider, so perhaps one day he will don the mask again and save the world one more time!



(Source: English Avenue)


(Source: Imperial Theatre)


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