I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! 小布施にタイムスリップ Time Warp to a Quaint Historic Town of Obuse


I recently went on an overnight trip to Obuse, a picturesque little town in Nagano Prefecture, approximately a 30-minute drive from the City of Nagano toward northeast.



Obuse is a smaller version of Kyoto with quaint, charming and unified atmosphere all over the town. It is renowned for its chestnut confectionery and cuisine – both western-style and Japanese- style.

小布施は小京都といった風情のある町で、レトロでチャーミングな雰囲気が町中に溢れています。栗のお菓子や料理 – 洋風も和風もあります – で有名です。

  イメージ 16

Mont Blanc,  Chestnut Cake  モンブラン

イメージ 2_2

Chestnut Sticky Rice  栗おこわ

Sake breweries, galleries, and residences along what is called the chestnut path have traditional white walls and dark-gray-tiled roofs, with a landmark of red brick chimney adding to the romantic feel to the town. At one end of the path is the Hokusai Museum where the works of Katsushika Hokusai (1760 – 1849) , Japan’s most acclaimed wood block print artist, are displayed.


イメージ 4_2    イメージ 17

    Sake Brewery  酒蔵

イメージ_2   イメージ 15

  Chestnut Path  栗の小径

Even piano lessons are given in a renovated historical warehouse. Streets in the town are lined with well-maintained, pretty flowers and beautiful trees.



  イメージ 8   イメージ 9

  Obuse Piano School    小布施ピアノ教室

イメージ 18   イメージ 14_2


Given so many irresistible confectioneries and restaurants in this small town, I have to revisit Obse and spend more time to enjoy the early Showa ambiance again.


イメージ 10

Nagano has been chosen as the number one immigration destination in Japan for the third year in a row, according to an NPO called Furusato Kaiki Shien Center (Return Your Hometown Support Center).



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