I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! ライブコンサート Kazuki Alex Kato in Concert


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It was a show that brought the house down!


Actor-singer Kazuki Alex Kato was in concert once again on June 20, this time at Zepp Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba. The concert venue was filled to capacity with thousands of screaming admirers who wildly whipped their red Kazuki Kato towels around and enthusiastically chanted “Encore!” when their idol stepped off-stage.


Alex and his band performed a set of 20 songs, including his old and new songs, all of which were interesting and enjoyable. His last song “Legend Is Born” went over very well with the crowd, and his fans sometimes seemed to be louder than the band itself. This song is also notable as the theme song to the new action-packed TV anime Majin Bone.

加藤と彼のバンドは新旧の代表曲をちりばめた20曲を披露したが、どれも興味深く楽しめた。最後の曲 Legend Is Bornが始まると会場を埋め尽くしたファン達は大盛り上がりで一緒になって歌い、時にはバンドより大音量になった。この楽曲はTVアニメ「マジンボーン」のテーマ曲となっている。

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After the show, fans of Kato-san who purchased his new single CD Legend Is Born, were allowed to wait in line for a chance to shake the hands of their favorite chanteur. While I personally did not wait in this line, from what I was able to see, it went on endlessly, so I’m sure record sales went through the roof as soon as this particular stipulation was announced.

終演後、ニューシングル Legend Is Born を購入したファン達がアーチストと直に会える握手会があったため会場内は長蛇の列。もちろん僕は列に並ばなかったが、その列の長さから判断するとニューシングルの販売は天井知らずの売り上げだったと思われる。

While J-Rock is not really my thing, I must say that I did enjoy the concert. It was a fascinating experience to see how Japanese fans react to their favorite idols in person. Worldwide, Kazuki Alex Kato is best known as the leading man from Minoru Kawasaki’s kaiju eiga spoof Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit (2008), as well as his for turns in the Kamen Rider franchise, Kamen Rider Kabuto, a Japanese tokusatsu superhero TV series. In Japan, however, Kato-san is celebrated as much for his popularity behind the microphone.

Jロックは僕の領域ではないが、コンサートは楽しめたと言わなければならないだろう。日本のファン達が自分の好きなアイドルにどのように反応するのか生で見られたのは興味の尽きない体験だった。加藤和樹は、世界的には「仮面ライダーカブト」や川崎実監督の「ギララの逆襲  洞爺湖サミット危機一発」で知られているが、日本では歌手として絶大な人気を博しているのだ。

If you get the opportunity to see Kazuki Alex Kato (or any J-pop idol) in concert, please do as the Roman’s do. If nothing else, it’s an intriguing cultural experience that one can only experience in Japan. And, if you’re not careful, you may find yourself becoming a fan of the music yourself!






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