I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! The Case of the Missing Spring.


A little more than two months ago, cherry blossom season came and went in a flash, as it usually does.
It seemed that, within a week of sakura coming out in full bloom, the wind had already carried them away.

Cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring, the time during which we can begin to walk outside without our heavy winter coats (sometimes, anyway).
This year, however, spring appeared to last all of a week before it gave way to summer. What happened?

I found myself wearing short-sleeved shirts before the end of April.
That usually never happens. Last year, I remember wanting to wear long sleeves outside well into May.
Sometimes I’d even have to throw on my winter coat!

But not this year.
It may have gotten a tad chilly during rainstorms, but otherwise the weather was more or less consistent (in my opinion) with summer conditions.

Is this a new trend?
Given all that’s happening with global warming (or, as some call it, climate change), it could be a permanent change.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see. All I know is that, in all my years in Japan, I’ve never seen spring skipped altogether.
And that’s a shame, as Japanese summers are already too long as they are!

What do you think?
Do you agree that 2015 lacked a spring season in Japan?
If you have any thoughts, please let us know!


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