I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい! Japan-Anime!


Today I would like to talk about something that seems to ubiquitous throughout Japan- Anime.

‘Anime’ is a specific type of hand-drawn and/or computer generated animation made in Japan.
Also, economically it brings in an amazing amount of revenue to Japan through its domestic and international sales.
On a personal note, I enjoy anime shows and films, but all do not view the art in the same way that I do.

In America most people know of the concept of anime, but it is often grouped with cartoons, which are largely aimed towards children in the United States.
This is due to its characteristic of being computer generated.
This is unfortunate because many anime shows and films, as it is recognized in Japan, are aimed at adults- and with large success at that.

Anyone that knows anything about anime will know the name Hayao Miyazaki, and probably his latest (and supposedly his last film) The Wind Rises.
This tale about a Japanese plane designer set during WWII earned itself the title of highest grossing anime of 2013 at an estimated 12 Billion Yen, or 120 Million Dollars.


There is a small portion of younger Americans who take an interest in Japanese culture and no doubt waited religiously for this film to be subtitled into English and put up on the web for their viewing pleasure.
However, many of them hide the fact that they enjoy watching anime because of how they think their friends and others would react.
Due to the stigma that computer generated media has in America, many people think that watching an anime is similar to watching a children’s show such as Tellitubies.
But as anyone who is well versed in anime knows, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


In Japan, anime is seen as something that can be watched by anyone.
I wish that the way that American society views anime could change and that people could realize this.
But before anime became popular internationally, the only computer generated shows and films in America were for children.
For this reason, the notion that these computer-made programs are all for kids is still prevalent.
In the future though, I predict that this notion will die out and people will realize that anime can be for adults and children alike.


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