Donald Trump Becomes the Unofficial Official GOP Presidential Nominee


Donald Trump has all but officially secured the Republican nomination for president, and it has surprised just about everyone who follows politics.
Sen. Ted Cruz proved to be a stiff challenger to Trump’s campaign, and despite winning many previous contests, suddenly dropped out of the race following his loss to Trump in the Indiana primary.

Gov. John Kasich, the more moderate-sounding governor of Ohio, remained in the race just a little bit longer than Cruz.
But given that he has only won his home state so far in the primaries, Kasich made the predictable decision to bow out of the presidential race, as well.
That leaves Trump as the last man standing, with no challengers to his nomination.

This would seem to remove any doubt about the inevitability of Trump’s nomination.
A lot of talk in the political world focused on brokered convention, and many bigwigs in the GOP hoped that a Paul Ryan, a Mitt Romney, or some other white knight would come from nowhere and secure the nomination on the second ballot (after no candidate could garner a majority of delegates on the first ballot).
That scenario now seems like a complete fantasy, if it ever had any real-world possibility in the first place.

On the Democratic side, the primary race will continue in earnest, with Sen. Bernie Sanders refusing to drop out, even though reality tells him that he should.
Cruz had much more of a realistic shot at securing his party’s nomination, but even he saw the writing on the wall and decided not to fight on.
Sanders has so far declined to do the same.
This will no doubt make it more difficult for Secretary Clinton to focus on her opponent in the fall.
How that will affect the contest in November remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure: This race will be enormously entertaining. It already has been.


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