I LOVE JAPAN ❤ 日本の今を伝えたい!- Cherry Blossom Season Is Coming! –


And the question to ask yourself is, “Are you ready? “
In some cases, cherry blossoms have already started blooming, so the answer had better be yes!

Springtime is usually heralded in Japan by the blooming cherry blossoms, which the country is famous for around the world.
They are truly beautiful to see, and some popular cherry blossom viewing sites are often congested with foot traffic.

For example, Naka-Meguro is one such popular destination.
During this season, the area is a veritable zoo of people.
It becomes very difficult to walk around.
So many people want to see the cherry blossoms over Meguro River.
And they are beautiful, for sure.
It would just be nice to see them without so many people around!
The crowds get to some pretty ridiculous levels, and they can be very difficult to manage.
You have to be careful.

In that way, cherry blossom season is both a blessing and a curse.
It’s great to see the nice cherry blossoms, but the crowds can really get in your way.
Be careful when viewing the cherry blossoms this year.
Who knows how many people will be out!



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